Classical | Cocktail | Session | Accompaniment

Dimitris is an accomplished and experienced pianist/accordionist and an exceptional performer with a unique ability to incorporate music theory into amazing performances. His knowledge in music theory, composition and orchestration, as well his experience as a performer for over 20 years in concert halls, venues, hotels, embassies etc. makes him an excellent partner.

His repertoire and performing abilities ranging from classical piano recitals to “cocktail” piano/accordion (for all kinds of events, parties, conferences, interviews, meetings, celebrations, meals or any other occasion), from piano accompaniment (for students, auditions, examinations, singers, orchestras, choirs, concerts, etc.) to his capacity as a session musician (studio recordings), from the wonderful works of the classical literature to the beautiful music of standard tunes, smooth classical, jazz, latin, film music, world music, 60’s & 70’s, beguines, boleros, tangos, valses, French, Italian, American, Russian, Greek, international pop classics or anything else required.


Compositions | Arrangements |
Orchestrations | Engraving

Having compose, orchestrate, arrange, write and transcribe several thousand pages of music, Dimitris capabilities are extended across almost the whole spectrum of music.

From original compositions to the transcription and adaptation of music for any combination of instruments and kind of music (computer music, piano, classical orchestra, etc.), for every need and use. Music for broadcasting, advertising, movies, drama, internet, documentaries, setting to music lyrics, games, audio signals of all types etc.
Especially in the field of original arrangements, his skills allow him to create original material that stands out.


Piano | Accordion | Theoretics | Seminars

With years of experience in private lessons, conservatories, performances, recordings, studio. He teaches piano and theory at conservatories, seminars, master classes, festivals etc. From 2011 to 2020 he participated in juries in National and International piano and composition Competitions. From 2018 to 2022 he was faculty – accompanist at the Deree – The American Dollege of Greece.

Dimitris remains an active soloist, with great knowledge and recipient of all the piano, accordion, theory, composition and music pedagogy degrees and diplomas. With his suggestions you can overcome any knowledge or technical barrier successfully.

Since 2013 organizes theoretical seminars entitled “The musician – artist – creator of the 21st century”, including original and very useful topics such as “Art & talent, a historic and psychometric approach, with emphasis on music”, “Professional organization and promotion of new artists. Introduction to artistic management”, “Memorization of musical text”, “Scenery & stress – ways to deal”, as well as a piano, accordion master classes.

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