Confessions (2015) | Music - Poetry: George Arkomanis | Piano: Dimitris Anousis | Recitation: Fotis Armenis

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About this album

“I will cross the magic edges of the mystery.
Without the hull that feeds me for years,
without the rusty mask I hosted.
I will interpret sounds of my monotonous and soulless voice.
And through the whispers, ghosts will awake.
Titans and Erinyes that I lulled to sleep at the stray moons.
I’ll dance in the nights that I took the Communion of love!
For all the nights, for all the words that were betrayed
I’ll cross the magic edges of the mystery.
Because somewhere, beyond the mist, there is the truth!
There is the island!… and there we stand, me, you, we, it!…
Angels of the degraded melody. Just that.”

Confessions | George Arkomanis, Dimitris Anousis, Fotis Armenis | Νew age, contemporary, featuring Piano | RELEASE DATE: 2015