This album consists by original compositions by new and older Greek composers - members of the
Independent Music Development Association (A.S.M.A. in Greek)

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About this album

This album consists by original compositions by Greek composers. It’s a production (2016) of the Independent Music Development Association – I.M.D.A. (A.S.M.A in Greek – The Independent Music Development Association is a result of a long-standing coexistence and communication of its members new composers, musicians and students who are for years active in the education and creation of music. Its operation began unofficially upon the formation of its chamber orchestra in 2000, and the association was officially established in 2002 as an independent nonprofit association.

I.M.D.A. was born out of a need for personal expression and creation and aims to promote mainly the works of Greek composers (new and older) through the formation of ensembles, concert presentations, and cooperation with various art and culture organizations. At the same time, it wishes to contribute to the country’s music education and ameliorate its shortcomings through seminars and meetings, theoretical text and book writing and, generally, through the training and support of its members and friends. In this context, the association has organized theory training seminars with significant teachers like George Zervos, George Fitsioris, Antonios Antonopoulos, Nikos Kariotis, Kriton Barlas. During ots fifteen-year activity, the association has successfully organized numerous concerts with premieres of new composers’ original works and works of students in composition, as well as works from the Greek and international contemporary repertoire.

The featured composers are Dimitris Anousis (Variations for violin & piano, on a theme of M.Ravel – T.1), Dimitris Andronis (Variations for piano, on a theme of G.Mahler – T.2), George Arkomanis (“Dali”, for violin, cello, flute & piano – T.3), Martha Kilafi (Variations for piano, on a theme of N.Kariotis & “Strovilismoi”, trio for violin, cello & piano – T.4+6), Nikos Kariotis (Variations for piano, on a theme of S.Raftopoulos – T.5), George Malefakis (“Excamiledeur”, for violin, flute, piano & percussion – T.7-8) and Alexandros Dimitropoulos (“Deja vu”, trio for cello, saxophone & piano – T.9-11).

The performers – musicians are Piano: Thanos Margetis & Margarita Labou, Violin: Charalambos Karasavidis & Fani Paraskevopoulou, Cello: Eve Papathanasiou, Flute: Rosalia Gianoulou, Saxophone: Marietta Tsakmakli, Percussion: George Malefakis.

The recordins took place at AN ART ARTISTRY – Athens, Greece, on a Steinway & Sons piano.
Sound enginner: Nikos Arkomanis – Play Recording Studio

Site A.S.M.A.

Full track listing

1. Dimitris Anousis – Variations for Violin & Piano on a Theme of Ravel (13:44) VIDEO
Theme and variations on Pavana for a dead princess (Pavane pour une infante défunte) by French composer Maurice Ravel. The hillside was a slow dance that was popular in the European yards in the 16th and 17th centuries. Perhaps this “native” dancing dimension of the theme was the basis of my variants for piano and violin, which have a strong rhythmic-dancing element.

2. Dimitris Andronis – Variations for Piano on a Theme of Mahler (9:32) VIDEO
He is the “principal musician” of the 10th Elementary School of Elefsina or “mainly musician”. Member of the ASMA and President of the Elefsina Art Lab, has been trying to become “what it is” for the past 47 years.

3. George Arkomanis – ”Dali” for violin, cello, flute & piano (4:16) VIDEO
One a moment as always. Small words, small eternities. Are we lost? Silent words, unspeakable cries in silence. Are we there? A breath of time, a sound in the dark, a moment … as always.

4. Martha Kilafi – Variations for piano, on a theme of N. Kariotis (6:19) VIDEO
Music, sounds in time. As composer I try to manage the time by choosing his spiral evolution. Forever grateful to those who taught me.

5. Nikos Kariotis – Variations for piano, on a theme of S. Raftopoulos (5:47) VIDEO
These variants mark the end of my education and the principle of perpetual search and apprenticeship in the world of forms. The end is the completion of a situation and the starting point of a new one.

6. Martha Kilafi – “Strovilismoi”, trio for violin, cello & piano (6:56) VIDEO

7-8. George Malefakis – ”Excamiledeur” Ι, for violin, flute, piano & percussion (I-7. 2:08, II-8. 6:27) VIDEO
The original form of Excamiledeur written in 2010 as part of the synthesis diploma was for piano and cello. This transcript for violin, flute, piano and percussion is later. Excamiledeur is basically a study of new structures and improvisational forms, where the original idea, passing through various stages of transformation and processing, returns “matured” completing the work. The light atmosphere of the project is reflected in its title. “Excamiledeur” is an improvised word that can not be interpreted!

9-11. Alexandros Dimitropoulos – ”Deja vu” trio for cello, saxophone & piano VIDEO
I. The loss…. (3:30), II. On the highway. (4:21), III. The night before. (3:57)
“A fatal car accident with a 26-year-old victim happened yesterday evening on the 17th km of the highway.” As announced by the police authorities, the 26-year-old dancer’s driving car broke its course and overturned, resulting in her fatal injury.

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